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Mt. Juliet Real Estate

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Mt. Juliet is a large and growing community, becoming known for its family friendly ways. In fact, it has become one of Tennessee fastest growing areas and shows no signs of slowing. In the past decade, the city has grown to a population of nearly 25,000.

The city is quite close to Nashville, making the average commute a mere 30 minutes. Many homeowners live in Providence Community, a master planned community that sits on nearly 1,000 acres and includes a retirement community as well as an outdoor market place. Additional housing developments and neighborhoods have been built and Mt. Juliet is now full of fantastic real estate options for all lifestyles. In fact, it was recently announced that another 270 acres will be used for multi-family and single-family homes plus a new 220 unit apartment building designed to look like houses from the front.

Mt. Juliet has also been aggressive in growing its business community. By having one of the smallest property taxes in the state, the city has become very appealing to both local and national businesses looking to expand to new areas. Mt. Juliet was even ranked in the top-5 of Tennessee’s most business friendly cities; an honor the city has worked hard to achieve these past few years.

Finally, the city thrives on a strong sense of community with common core values. There are three state parks only 20 minutes away a whole host of family friendly activities taking place within the city’s 3 public parks at any given time. The city has deep roots that harken to a time when neighbors were well, neighborly, with each other. This foundation is important to the city as a whole, but it is also committed to navigating change and continuing to expand.