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Gulch / Wedgewood / Germantown Real Estate


The Gulch is a favorite for Nashville homeowners who love urban living. By urban, we mean you won’t find any single family houses in this area! The Gulch was originally where Nashville’s downtown railroad terminally sat. The area has embraced its industrial roots and housing is a mix of converted warehouses and new high-rises. The Gulch is also peppered with restaurants, retail, and music venues. The feel is decidedly modern and urban. That’s great news for young homeowners looking to buy new construction condos with all the latest amenities.

Another former industrial neighborhood that’s now redeveloping, Wedgewood is on the rise. It’s another area driven by people looking for neighborhoods close to downtown Nashville. The Wedgewood neighborhood has an artsy, trendy vibe attracting a lot of young professionals. Townhomes and flats are the most common home options here.

A fun fact about Germantown is that it is Nashville’s oldest neighborhood. In fact, it was the first area where a large population settled down. This first group of settlers were German, which is why Germantown has its name now. Germantown is an incredible Nashville neighborhood that offers a nicely diverse community and loads of amenities. It’s a tiny (18 blocks!) area that thrives on having a tight-knit feel. It’s also perfect for those who wish to travel by foot or bike. Residents can walk to nearly all the downtown bars and restaurants in Nashville.  While there are apartments, condos and single-family homes all in the Germantown area, finding one available is often a challenge.