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Green Hills / Belle Meade / Bellevue

If you are considering buying a new home in Nashville and don’t want a long commute to Nashville, but wouldn’t mind living just outside of downtown, Green Hills, Belle Meade or Bellevue may be the perfect fit. Located just a few minutes outside of Nashville, each area has a variety of reasons residents love living there. If you would like to see the houses for sale in Nashville or Green Hills call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550-5565 and speak to one of our experienced REALTORS!

Here are a few things to know about Green Hills:

  • It has everything – Unlike more urban areas, Green Hills is equipped with everything. There are multiple grocery stores, dry cleaners, and service retailers (think Verizon, Apple, etc) within the area. There’s also a lot of restaurants, high end shopping options, and a movie theater. For residents of Green Hills, there’s no reason to have to leave.
  • It gets crowded – Green Hills is built for cars, not pedestrians so it can get congested quickly. Also, with all the amenities in the area, it’s a popular place for tourists to visit. With the combination of tourists, residents, and businesses it can be pretty busy.
  • It’s wealthy – The cost of living in Green Hills is high. It’s largely populated by wealthy adults and families.
  • There are multiple housing options – Though expensive, Green Hills does offer a variety of living options. There are condos, apartments, single family homes and even a few multi-family places to live.

Some things to know about Belle Meade:

  • It’s stunning – For locals and newcomers, the experience of driving down Belle Meade Boulevard is full of wonder. This tree-lined street runs directly in front of the gorgeous mansions surrounding it, and literally ends at a park (Percy Warner Park) and botanical garden (Cheekwood). Many weddings and events take place at the Belle Meade Plantation and Belle Meade County Club too, thanks to the beautiful landscape at each.
  • It’s prestigious – Belle Meade is actually an incorporated city unto itself within Nashville. This means it has its own police force, mayor and town hall. The name stemmed from the Belle Meade Plantation, long recognized as one of the South’s most beautiful estates. For decades, Belle Meade was known as one of the premier and most exclusive areas to live in Nashville.
  • It’s small but tight knit  – Belle Meade is only 3.1 square miles in size. However, the city prides itself on values  such as compassion, respect and teamwork that guide its residents. With regularly planned actives and events, Belle Meade provides much to do for its residents.
  • It’s not developing – Though many homes are undergoing renovations and expansions, the area is not able to expand or add signifiant housing development options. This also adds to its desirability and exclusivity as well.
  • It’s an ideal location – Downtown Nashville is a mere 15 minute drive, with no interstate involvement. In fact, the entire commute goes from one Nashville neighborhood to the next, which gives the feeling of a suburb far more than a metropolitan area.

Some things to know about Bellevue:

  • It has parks – Edwin Warner Park and Percy Warner Park are collectively known as Warner Parks. These two gorgeous parks are adjacent to each other, and are located just under ten miles from downtown Nashville. Bellevue residents frequently visit these two spots each weekend to exercise, relax or play with dogs.
  • It’s growing – Bellevue is changing and growing quickly right now with more retailers and restaurants heading into the area.
  • Tourists love it – Home to the world-renowned Loveless Cafe and an incredible antique mall, lots of people visit the Bellevue area each day.
  • Housing options vary – Bellevue has apartments, condos, townhomes, old and new construction housing options. It’s an area that still has some affordable housing options for singles and families alike.