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Working With A Mortgage Specialist


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Whether you are just starting to consider buying a house or have found the perfect one, we highly recommend working with a mortgage specialist. Why not just use a loan officer at your bank? Well, there are a few good reasons actually. 

Mortgage specialist shop around

A mortgage specialist acts as a “middleman.” A loan officer at a bank will offer you the best possible terms available at that bank. A mortgage specialist will seek that best possible terms available from a variety of lenders. Experienced mortgage specialists will shop around for their clients and will have a clear idea of what financing options may be offered.

Mortgage specialists save time

Having the mortgage specialist shop around for multiple rates to compare is only one way the save time for homebuyers. Mortgage specialists also handles all the paperwork and details involved with the loan applications. This literally saves homebuyers hours! Often the lender will have follow up questions for homebuyers. Experienced mortgage specialists can often spot these areas in advance and help homebuyers be prepared.

Mortgage specialists earn trust

Successful mortgage specialists develop relationships with lenders, REALTORs, and clients. By establishing strong connections with top lenders and REALTORs, these mortgage specialists can be of maximum benefit to homebuyers. For example, certain lenders may have exclusive relationships with a mortgage specialist, which means homebuyers could qualify for special loan products. Well established mortgage specialists also understand the timeline for a home closing and know how to work within that, which makes for satisfied homebuyers!

The financial aspect of buying a home with a mortgage is a complicated process. Working with a mortgage specialist is a great way for homebuyers to save time and eliminate unnecessary stress. We personally recommend Churchill Mortgage for our clients. In fact we work exclusively with Michael Brown and his team – they are wonderful and are happy to help any of our clients with their buying needs!

Are you ready to start the home buying process? Want to know more about our relationship with Churchill Mortgage? Call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565 and talk to one of our experienced REALTORs about how we can help you!

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