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Why You Should Consider Being A Real Estate Agent

Having a successful real estate business can be very lucrative. The freedom of owning your own business also has its perks like more flexibility in the schedule and less time at the desk. Lots of life skills can be gained from running your own business, like persuasive skills, patience, and multi-tasking. In addition, you don’t have to wait for a raise from your boss. Want even more reasons why you should consider being a REALTOR?


You can control your income by how much you work. It can be even better if you can be a real estate agent in your home state because then you will know where the lower property taxes and the highest ranking schools are, as well as the general knowledge of where the fire station, police station, and hospitals are located in the area, making it better for you to suit buyer’s needs and sell more houses.

However, there are important steps to take to get licensed so you can sell real estate in the state of Tennessee (as well as any state).

License in TN

To get licensed in Tennessee you will first need to complete the Tennessee 60-hour Real Estate Principles Course. Fortunately, there are many prep courses and books you can get to help you fulfill this requirement. Once you successfully complete this course, you can register for the Tennessee Affiliate Broker Licensing Exam, which you can register for with PSI Exams.

After passing this exam, there are two more steps to take before becoming a fully licensed real estate agent in Tennessee. After the exam, there is also a helpful 30 hour course for new affiliates called (you guessed it!) the Tennessee 30-Hour Course for New Affiliates. After passing this course, you can apply for your real estate license!

Keep in mind that when you apply you must submit the following things:

  • Your application with a picture provided to you by the testing center where you took your affiliate exam.
  • Proof of completion of your pre-license application.
  • Proof of your high school graduation.
  • Errors and omissions insurance coverage proof.
  • Payment of all fees.
  • Upon provision of everything required, you will be issued your license and ready to start selling houses accordingly.
  • You must also choose the agency you want to work with — and the broker has to sign the PSI forms before you send them into TREC (Tennessee Real Estate Commission).

If you just passed your test, and looking for a company to join, DeSelms Real Estate is here to help! Give us a call at 615-550-5565 or contact Tara DeSelms via: taradeselms at yahoo dot com.

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