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Why Sell A House During The Holidays

Updated 11/7/16


Now that Halloween is over, we are entering the  holiday season. It may not be the first season home sellers think of when it comes to the best times to sell a home. However, thanks to motivated buyers and reduced competition, you may be surprised to learn you can sell your home fast and for a great price during the winter and holiday months. Here are a few reasons why now is a fantastic time to sell:


Competition Is Down

For a lot of homeowners, selling during the holiday season can feel like a difficult undertaking. There’s travel and colder weather and this time of year isn’t “known” for being the hot season of home selling. For these reasons, a lot of sellers will wait until the spring months to list their homes. This is fantastic news, because it means you don’t have to compete with them! When there is a smaller pool of inventory on the market, you have a higher probability of selling your home to an eager buyer. This strong sellers market can enable your home to stick to the listing price you want, and put you in the unique position of power due to the lack of competing homes.

Motivation Is Up

Homebuyers who remain active for their search during the holiday season are extremely motivated buyers. They are, after all, taking the time out of a hectic holiday schedule to shop for the perfect home. Often times, the buyers during this season are the type home sellers dream of – they know what they want, are eager to get it, and often are ready to move and move fast.

Seasonal Staging

You’ve already spent the time getting your home in tip-top holiday shape. The decorations, cheer, and love you pour into your home to make it seasonally appealing can play a huge role in securing a buyer. With classic and tasteful decorations, most buyers will envision themselves (and their family) in your home celebrating the holidays in the coming year. Once they see themselves there, it’s easy for the homebuyer to be ready to move forward and make owning your home their reality. 

If you’ve been on the fence about selling this holiday season, we hope these tips will help put your mind at ease. Remember, buyers don’t fade away simply because the days grow shorter and colder. It’s still a hot market in Middle Tennessee – all year round!

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