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Why Homebuyers Need A Buyer’s Agent

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

We hear this question a lot: do homebuyers really need a buyer’s agent? 

The short answer is yes. Yet, we understand that many people are still unclear about why or what a buyer’s agent actually does. So, here’s how a real estate agent helps buyers:

  • Finding homes – It’s true that technology has drastically changed how homes are found and viewed initially. An online search can yield results quickly for home buyers. But, these searches are often partially inaccurate or outdated. Plus, real estate agents work for both buyers and sellers, which means an agent may know of homes that coming up for sale but not on the market yet.  Nashville’s real estate market this past year has been low in inventory so having an agent with great networking and advance information is extremely valuable for a buyer!
  • Advising/educating – The process of buying a home is complex and overwhelming. Buyers that attempt to work without a REALTOR are left researching and learning on the own or forced to rely upon information provided by the seller’s agent. An experienced real estate agent will help buyers uncover their real needs and priorities for a home, educate about the market itself, and make suggestions as needed about different features or options.
  • Negotiating – A buyer’s agent can be essential during all negotiations in the home buying process. From the initial offer to the inspection or appraisal results, there are multiple opportunities for home buyers and sellers to work out an agreement. Sometimes, the buyer should offer less money but other times it’s better for the seller to make the repairs. A good agent can counsel a buyer on what will be best.
  • Support/oversight – A buyer’s agent also oversees the paperwork involved during the offers and counteroffers and is present during closing to ensure that the buyers’ interests are well protected.

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