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Why Home Inspections Matter

Both home buyers and existing homeowners often take advantage of home inspections to learn more about the true condition of the property. Most commonly, these inspections are ordered by buyers before the final purchase of a property is completed, and this is because an inspection gives the buyer the incredible opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about the actual condition of the home in a comprehensive way.

A home that appears to be in great condition on the surface may actually be concealing major defects and require costly repairs. Home inspections matter. This is information home buyers need to know before they finalize a purchase.


What Does a Home Inspection Cover?

A home inspector is a certified professional who will typically spend several hours reviewing all of the components and systems of a home in depth on your behalf. The purchase of real estate is a major investment, and it is imperative that a home buyer understands exactly what condition that property is in. The inspection will review property components like plumbing, electrical wiring, insulation, roofing and the structure in great detail. The trained eye of a home inspector can identify issues that a typical home buyer likely will not see. Nonetheless, these issues may be costly to repair, may lead to further repair issues or may even be life and safety concerns that require immediate attention.

What Happens After the Inspection?

A home inspector will typically spend several hours inspecting the home. A larger home may require even more time to inspect. After the inspection is completed, the inspector will prepare a written report, and this may be delivered to you personally or via electronic format. It may be several pages in length or longer, and it will tell you more information about each of the system components that was inspected and what the findings are. Recommendations may be made in the inspection for further testing by a specialist, for an optional or recommended repair to prevent damage or for a general or urgent repair to be made. It is up to the home buyer to decide whether to negotiate with the seller to have items repaired prior to closing or to receive a repair allowance for some items. For normal wear and tear items that are common with the age of the home, the home buyer may decide to tackle those tasks on his or her own after closing.

A home inspection will not result in a property being brought up to like-new condition, and no repair work will be completed by the inspector. Instead, the inspection will give the buyer comprehensive information about the condition of the property so that he or she can decide how to proceed.

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