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Who Lives In Nashville?


So, who lives in Nashville now? Ask this question twenty years ago and the rest of the country may have answered with “country music stars and cowboys.” While they may still reside here in Music City, it seems like these days everyone keeps talking about Nashville’s growth. Naturally, we might be biased but we completely understand why so many people want to move here. These are certainly some of our favorite reasons.  Now let’s take a look at who is actually moving to  and lives in Nashville these days…

Nashville by age

According to the Nashville Chamber about 26,000 people moved to Nashville in 2015. While that might now be a large number for other major cities, it’s substantial growth for Music City. For the adult population, the 19.2% of Nashville residents are ages 50-64. This may represent many of the true Nashville natives, as well as the increasing number of retirees who’ve moved here.

It’s interesting to note that the next largest age group is adults age 20-29 at 14.5% followed by age 30-39 at 14.2%. So, essentially much of the demographic includes young professionals. This is consistent with Nashville’s reputation as an “It” city  these past few years. Music may be a major part of Nashville’s image but the city is well known as a healthcare hub, with an abundance of companies and jobs in the industry. Top employers include Vanderbilt, HCA and St. Thomas Health Services. Entrepreneurs and the tech industry are starting to make their way here too though as Tennessee prides itself on being business friendly and having low taxes.

Nashville by income

The average household income (as of 2014) is $74,288. Considering that the average in the US is $51,939, but Nashville’s cost of living is lower than most states, you can see why the city is increasingly attractive to people.


Nashville home prices

According to information compiled by the average closing price for a Nashville home is $229,000. Of course, the most highly desirable areas have homes with listing prices averaging as $899,000 and more affordable parts with average home listings as low as $119,000. While some of these areas are within Davidson County, they sit just outside of Nashville making them perfect opportunities for those who don’t mind a short commute in exchange for affordable housing.


With projected continued growth, Nashville shows no signs of slowing down in population. If you’d like to know more about our favorite city and how to find a house here, call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565 and let one of our trusted real estate agents help your transition.

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