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When Is The Best Time To List A House For Sale?


The most common questions Nashville real estate agents run into have to do with the real estate market. Homebuyers and sellers want to know when to enter that market for maximum results. Home sellers often wonder when is the best time to list a house so they can sell their home for the highest price possible. Sometimes, home sellers don’t have the luxury of waiting for the “right time.” However, the truth is there is no right time. Each season presents both pros and cons for home sellers, and homes sell throughout the year. Here’s a breakdown of what each season offers.

Selling a house in spring

Spring is by far Nashville’s favorite time for real estate. Homes look better with landscaping coming in and brighter days adding natural sunlight. Plus, potential homebuyers tend to be more likely to get out after a long winter, ready to look more seriously at buying a house. For a home seller, spring can be fantastic and prices are generally higher than at other times throughout the year. Right now, Nashville’s housing market has lower than normal inventory, which makes it prime time for sellers.

The risk if you list a house in spring is that there is more competition. Though more buyers are out and about, they are also viewing more options. This can mean that they don’t experience as much urgency to buy your property as they might later on. Spring also brings out a lot of “lookers” or people who enjoy getting out to view real estate listings, but aren’t serious about buying.

Selling a house in summer

Often, homebuyers want to be in their new home before the school year starts in the fall. This makes summer an interesting time in the market, with home buyers crunched on time but still searching for a good deal. Houses will be at their absolute best with landscaping in full bloom and the longest hours of sunlight available. A lower inventory can also increase the odds of your house selling during this time.

The tricky part of selling in summer is that it can be inconsistent. Many families take vacations or family trips during the summer, lowering the number of views your home may receive. For Nashville sellers, there is the added factor of heat as well. It’s tough to get people enthusiastic about getting out in a sweltering heat wave.

Selling a house in fall

Fall is a great time to list a house in the Nashville area. Temperatures tend to be more moderate and families are ready to get into a house asap if the move is necessary or the right house comes along. With more willing buyers, this can be time to negotiate for higher prices as well.

If you list a house in the fall and it doesn’t sell, then you must decide whether to pull it off the market until spring or ride it out throughout winter. Selling during the winter means the potential of keeping your house in pristine condition during busy holidays.

Selling a house in winter

Sometimes it can’t be helped that you need to list your house in the winter. This past winter in Nashville actually happened to be a great time to list a house as the inventory was almost empty and there were still homebuyers looking to make an offer. The advantage of selling in the winter is that serious buyers only tend to be the ones looking. Though the number of buyers may be down, the ones who do come to view your house are more likely to make an offer immediately if interested. Also, with lower inventory than any other time of year, there is usually less competition.

Winter is certainly the hardest time to list a house in most real estate markets. Nashville has been experiencing such growth that sales were still hopping in the winter, though that’s not always the case. Few homebuyers want to move during the winter, due to cold weather and the holidays. This time of year is also when your home is likely to have the least amount of curb appeal, which can mean a lower asking price as well.

Each season has pros and cons for selling, so the best time to list a house can be in any season. All it takes is the right buyer. If you are considering putting your Nashville area home on the market, talk with us and see what timeline makes sense for you.

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