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What To Do When You Can’t Find Your Dream Home

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There are few things as exciting as looking for a new home. In fact, we’ve known people who enjoy going to open houses, even when they aren’t actively looking for a new home! For home buyers who are ready to buy, there’s a bit of a rush when considering one’s dream home. But what happens when you visit multiple available houses only to be disappointed in each one? 

In our experience, you’ve got two choices at this point: consider that your process may take much longer than anticipated or expand your search. Here’s what we mean.

Have patience

If you’ve decided your priority list is non-negotiable then there’s a good chance it will take awhile to find the perfect property. That’s not really an issue if you’re willing to wait as long as it takes for the dream house to pop up. Sometimes this is worth it. For example, if you feel positive that you want to be in a particular neighborhood or part of town it can be well worth waiting for a home to hit the market. Perhaps you have a future need for a house with multi-generational living options and no immediate move is necessary. These are situations where it can pay to have patience and let the dream house come to you.

Expand your search

If your heart is set on owning a home but you keep finding dream homes outside your price range, it might be time to expand your search. Perhaps it’s time to look at homes with less bedrooms or less square footage. Is it possible that a 20 minute commute wouldn’t be so bad if you had the opportunity to buy the perfect home? Are you looking for only brand new construction when fabulous options are available – they just need an update or two? All of these are things to consider when you find yourself disappointed in the home search process.

No one can tell you whether you should have patience or expand your search. It all depends on your priorities and specific situation. However, an experienced REATOR can guide you through the process to determine which path is right for you and will ultimately lead to that elusive dream home. If you’d like to talk with an agent about your home buying process call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565.



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