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Top Home Buyer Regrets


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There is nothing worse than buyer’s remorse when shopping. Last minute or impulse buys brought home only to be disappointments in the long run. The upside is often that those regrettable purchases can be returned and no lasting damage is done. This is all but impossible when buying a house however, which is why it’s very important for home sellers to carefully navigate the home buying process. The last thing any home buyer wants is to be stuck living and paying for a home they don’t like. So, here are the top home buyer regrets to avoid.


Home buyers can often fall in love with a home without knowing enough about its neighborhood or logistics. For example, a young couple without kids may think that the restored Craftsman cottage has so much charm that they forget to look into information about the schools or number of potential playmates in the neighborhood. This may be ok at first, but not ideal for when they start a family. Similarly, a commuter may want distance from where they work but may underestimate the amount of traffic on his or her particular route each day during rush hour. Working with an experienced REALTOR can be the difference between tears of joy and tears of regret one year later after purchasing a home. Be sure to work with someone who listens to your priorities both short and long term and who can help you see the big picture.


Price is definitely a major source of home buyer regrets. It’s easy to get excited about a home and then wind up in a bidding war that puts homebuyers at the top end of their budget. The initial joy at winning may soon turn sour though if resources become strained. Buying a new home can bring additional, unforeseen costs like furniture and unexpected repairs. No homeowner wants to feel stretched so thin they can’t enjoy the home they fought so hard to get. Again, working with a good REALTOR means steering clear of this potential scenario.

Renovations, remodeling or repairs

Getting a great deal on a fixer upper can be the best decision possible…for the right home buyer. Unfortunately, for some home buyers the desire for a house outweighs clearly understanding how big and/or expensive a remodel, renovation or repair can be. Home owners also tend to be overly confident in their DIY skills, which can end up costing more in both time and money to fix later. Without proper knowledge on the amount of work, cost of the job, and timeline for a repair home buyers can wind up more frustrated than satisfied.

Though these are the most common home buyer regrets, they are all avoidable. Work with one of our agents at DeSelms Real Estate and see how an experienced REALTOR can guide you through the home buying process into a home you’ll love. Call us today at 615.550.5565

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