Top 3 Reasons To Buy A Home With Land

    Considering buying a home with acreage? There are many pros to why owning land serves homeowners as a great asset. Whether you’re looking for more space, to explore growing your own fruits and vegetables, or simply to make an investment, we explore 3 reasons why your land is a valuable asset.


    1. Land is a fixed resource, after all you can’t build more land, and because of this it’s a great investment. While buildings often fall into disrepair, land will stay as is and continue to appreciate without too much upkeep or maintenance! 
    2. Land is more cost-effective than a building. Like we mentioned, buildings require maintenance and a lot of day-to-day care, which can be part of the fun when it comes to owning a home: making it yours by updating paint and upgrading light fixtures over time. But when it comes to land, you have a canvas that needs little touching up to improve what is already there.
    3. When it comes to owning land there are fewer restrictions. When you’re not part of a HOA, you have more freedom when it comes to home building. If your land is outside of city limits, you have less restrictions on what you can do on your property, i.e. farming, hunting, and entertaining.


    If you’re considering buying a home that comes with acreage, we’d love to show you a few of our top properties. Or if you have questions about buying land, and homes with land, we’re happy to answer them! Give us a call or drop us a line today! 

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