Top 3 Priorities For Buying A New House


    In our years of experience as Nashville REALTORS, we’ve had lots and lots (and lots) of conversations with homebuyers about what they are looking for in their next house. Naturally, the answers vary depending on each client’s individual circumstance. For some, a small condo with no yard maintenance and central location is ideal. For others, a garage and preferred school district is the dream home.

    For new homeowners searching for their first Nashville home to purchase, mapping out these priorities prior to house hunting is crucial. Otherwise, the search can quickly and easily get off-target just by clicking around on all the available homes for sale.  Even previous homeowners can get distracted if they aren’t careful.

    Regardless of the specific details, nearly all Nashville homebuyers have essentially 3 categories they pay attention to while searching through the current Nashville MLS listing.  We consider these the top 3 priorities for buying a new house: price, location, features.

    Homebuying priority 1: price


    Price is the single largest driving force behind most real estate transactions. In Nashville’s current real estate market, house prices are rising again and inventory is lower. This makes the housing market more competitive than in the past. While it may be tempting to throw out the highest offer, it may not be wise. Having pre-approval makes a significant difference for homebuyers because they will know exactly what price range they need to look in for a new home.

    Homebuying priority 2: location


    After price, the next important consideration for Nashville homebuyers is location. Searching based on price alone may yield pages of results, but those results aren’t worth much if the houses are located in the wrong areas. Families are generally the most concerned about neighborhood quality, school districts, and crime rates. Nashville singles may want to avoid the suburbs as much as possible and stay near more urban areas.

    Homebuying priority 3: features


    Often, homebuyers will know just how many bedrooms are needed, but have less understanding of their own priorities for features in a home. Without this clarity, looking at houses can become frustrating. If homebuyers strongly prefer hardwood flooring and every home they view has wall-to-wall carpet it’s probably going to affect their enthusiasm. Granted, they may have to be flexible about which features are a MUST if the other priorities are met. After all, floors can be changed but location and price cannot.

    The best way to start house hunting is to make a priority list. Label these 3 priorities on a piece of paper and brainstorm for awhile. Once you’ve exhausted all of your wants, you can determine which ones are absolutes and which ones have some wiggle room.  This will help save a lot of time in the long run.

    Also, get with an experienced Nashville REALTOR who can look over your list and understand your top 3 priorities for buying a new house. They will have suggestions and questions to help make the home buying process much easier and may even point out possibilities you would never have come up with on your own.

    Are you in the midst of discussing your priorities for buying a new house in Nashville? Call us today and let one of our Nashville REALTORS answer any questions you may have.

    Want to see if any of the current Nashville MLS listings meet your top 3 priorities for buying a new house? Check the current MLS listings here and let us know how we can help!

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