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Tips For Small Spaces and Homes

Small and tiny houses are a huge trend, and one on the rise. With so many people seeking storage and space design to utilize small spaces, any home – regardless of size – can feel like a mansion. With these tips and tricks, you’ll find that living small can be easy and fun!




Large items such as furniture take up a lot of space in your home. You can tuck away larger items such as beds, televisions, radios and even freezers and refrigerators into areas as compact as cabinets. Some can even disappear into the walls. It takes a little work and creativity, but it frees up a lot of space.


Horizontal space is commonly a problem, but there is plenty of horizontal space waiting to be used. Stackable items such as chairs, tables, shelves, stools and storage boxes can free up plenty of room without sacrificing useful pieces of furniture.

Maximize Privacy

One reason small places feel cramped is their common lack of privacy. You can easily hear what’s going on through the walls or behind the door, and many rooms may have no doors or dividers at all. This lack of privacy not only makes people feel uncomfortable, but it also makes it feel like most of the home is just one big room.

Make some changes to improve the soundproofing of various rooms such as the bathroom and bedrooms, and try making dividers for other rooms such as the dining room and kitchen. Something as minor as a curtain divider can make an immense change in privacy, but if you want to go the extra mile there are portable solid walls that you can put up! 

Natural Light

Bright rays of sunshine can easily make any room feel bigger than it is. Large bay windows are perfect for letting in plenty of sunshine and getting a great view of the outdoors. Plus, the large gentle gusts of wind flowing through the room in combination with the brightness of the sun create a feeling like you’re outdoors in the comfort of your home. 


For an extra-added feeling of space in a small home, put up several mirrors. Even one mirror can create the illusion of a wider space, but when it is reflecting another mirror it makes the space feel even wider. It’s a decorative, quick, easy and cheap solution to make any area look wide and spacious!


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