Tips For Moving During The Winter

    Are you considering or planning a winter move? Never fear, there are perks to moving during the winter months! Cost is often down when it comes to renting movers, and there is usually less of a wait for hiring moving companies or wrangling friends and family members in to help.

    The downside to moving during the colder months is the brisk weather, and potential for snow and/or freezing rain. We’ve put together a few helpful tips and reminders to make your winter move as easy and stress-free as possible.



    Set up utilities in advance

    If possible, have the heat and lights turned on a day or two before you move in. During the colder months, we suggest you make sure the utilities are up and running, and working well, before moving. It’s never fun to move into a cold home, only to realize it will stay cold and dark for a few days yet.


    Layer up

    While an object in motion stays in motion, a person in motion moving to and from one house to another will not stay at one temperature. It’s helpful to wear layers, from gloves to hats and coats, so you can acclimate to the temperature as needed. This tip may seem like a small thing, but when you go from freezing to sweating, we promise you’ll be glad to adjust your clothing to reflect your temperature!


    Clear the area around the home

    If you’re moving to a location nearby, it’s a good idea to go over the day before and make sure the sidewalks and drive around the home aren’t iced over. Shovel if there’s snow, and salt or sand the area if needed. Preventive measures like this one can help prevent day-of set-backs or injuries.


    Hand warmers and hot cocoa

    Whether it’s movers or family members and friends helping you move, a nice (and often much needed) gesture is to offer extra mittens and hats, as well as hot cocoa or coffee to help maintain warmth. Another affordable measure is to give out hand warmers perfect for gloves, pockets, and shoes!

    Are you moving during the winter months, or on the look-out for a home in Nashville to call your own? We’re happy to help answer questions and offer guidance. Give us a call or drop us a line today!

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