Tips For Childproofing Your Home

    Many new homes are being designed with family-friendly amenities, such as soft close doors and drawers. When moving into a new home with your family, particularly little ones, we know how important their safety is. We thought we’d focus today on a few childproofing musts for any homeowner.


    As we said, soft close drawers and doors are a wonderful new design, but they must also be latched or locked for small children. Safety locks on drawers and cabinets help prevent children from getting into household cleaners, medications, and any other unsafe items.

    Doorknob covers offer great assistance for toddler aged (and up) children as well. These are great for little ones who have learned (and might in fact love) turning and opening big doors. They’re useful for doors leading into basements, or upstairs. When used in conjunction with baby gates, they help create a “safe space” for your children to play.

    Much like toddlers enjoy opening and closing doors and cabinets, they also delight in turning on faucets. Anti-scald devices are great for setting your water heater temperature to a lower and regulated degree, which will help prevent hot water burns. 

    Corner and edge bumpers, ones that stay securely on furniture or hearth edges, also help by preventing injuries from falls against sharp edges of furniture and fireplaces. Anchors on furniture help avoid tip-overs, and are good to use on TVs, stands, bookcases, and shelves – and any piece of furniture a child might climb or fall against, or pull him or herself up onto, causing the furniture to tip and tumble.

    We know how important your family is, and we want everyone to feel safe and secure in their new home.

    Looking for a great new Nashville house to move your family into? We’d love to help! Give us a call, or drop us a line today. 

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