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Time Saving Tips For REALTORS


Anyone close to a REALTOR knows it’s a very busy job. The hours can be unusual and the job is demanding, but very rewarding.  Smart REALTORS  implement systems and find time management strategies to incorporate so that important time isn’t taken away from family and friends. Now that we’ve entered the holidays, it’s even more essential to keep personal and professional time separate. So, here are some time saving tips for REALTORS to get through the Christmas season and beyond. 


  • Have a plan – Break down goals into manageable tasks that can be organized into daily, weekly and monthly items. That way, every morning you can wake up with an idea of which tasks need to be accomplished to get there. This will prevent unnecessary distractions and time wasting activities.
  • Set a schedule – We know, we know – it’s hard to stick to a schedule, even if you aren’t a REALTOR. However, by setting aside designated time to return calls, send emails and set meetings you will be far more likely to get those tasks done. Then you can set aside family time too and feel good about honoring it!
  • Use technology – Have you downloaded the latest apps or time management tools that can help you work remotely, keep up with your progress on goals and send you reminders about daily activities or appointments? Don’t get bogged down juggling everything in your head or on paper. Ask around and find the best tech tools to help you stay on track.
  • Delegate – Do you have anyone else available that can help you with tasks? Prioritize which ones need your direct attention and delegate others to staff or team members. It’s hard to let go sometimes, especially if you are detail-oriented. That’s why working with a smart and organized team makes a huge difference for REALTORs.
  • Manage client expectations – Communicate clearly with clients – about the process, about your work hours and about how you often you plan to be in touch. Let them know in advance how quickly your return calls and/or emails (back to setting a schedule) and then stay consistent about following this. Clients prefer to know what to expect and this will keep them feeling catered to and satisfied.

We understand how tricky it is to juggle it all as a REALTOR. That’s why we are thankful to have a strong team in place to help our real estate agents find the time to do what they love most: work with clients on buying and selling their Nashville area homes! If you think you would like to be part of our real estate team, call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565!



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