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Time for a Roof Upgrade?


It can be difficult to determine when you need a new roof. Many homeowners discover their roof is ready to be replaced after a storm, when shingles are knocked off, or after a leak in the ceiling. There are other signs that will signal you it’s time for a roof upgrade, if you know what to look for.
Here are a few tells it’s time for a new roof:

How Old Is Your Roof?

A roof will typically last anywhere from 20-25 years. Do you know how old your shingles are? If your roof was installed a few decades ago, or if you have a single layer of shingles that are not properly ventilated, you could need a new roof.

What To Know About Shingles

Are your shingle tabs still intact? If you are missing shingles, or they are no longer in tact, you probably need a new roof. Likewise, if you have curled or buckling shingles, then you have shingles past their prime, and your roof is most likely malfunctioning. We know Fall is a time when homeowners are eager to clean their gutters, but be sure to check them periodically for fallen shingles. If your gutters are full of granules, it could be that your roof is ready for more than a simple repair.

Pay Attention To Roof Valleys

The valley of your roof is an essential area, so pay special attention if you begin to lose shingles in this area. The valley is where snow, rain, and debris travel down your roof into the gutters. When the valley becomes compromised, chances are you will start to see ceiling leaks – a sure sign it’s time for a new roof.


When you are ready to revamp your home’s roof, be sure to ask trusted friends and family for referrals and call around to get quotes. Many real estate agents will also have a trusted list of vendors, and are happy to share their resources!

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