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    This or That: Hardwood Vs. Tile In The Kitchen

    We feel confident that updating the kitchen will continue to be a strong trend for 2014. Having an updated kitchen is certainly a big selling point in the Nashville real estate market. Sometimes in a kitchen renovation, minor changes make for big impact, like this incredibly budget-friendly before and after. However, sometimes a full remodel is best, with changes made from top to bottom. This brings into question, which flooring is best in a kitchen: hardwood vs. tile?



    Hardwood floors automatically exude warmth and can be either classic looking or modern, depending on the wood.  Homes with open floor plans often look best with hardwood throughout because it tends to unify the space, rather than chopping it up.  Hardwood floors are also comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. With the right maintenance, hardwood floors can last a lifetime and increase the overall value of your home. However, cons are that these floors can warp easily from water damage and are susceptible to scratches.



    Tile is another classic kitchen flooring choice, thanks to its incredible durability.  It’s not only resistant to water damage; they can also handle spills and scratches. Tile floors are available in a variety of materials, patterns and colors too, which makes it easy to give a custom feel to the kitchen. The downsides for tile are that it is cold underfoot and not the most comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. It’s also notorious for breaking dishes, should they happen to fall.

    Both tile and hardwood offer great satisfaction, and both come with some disadvantages. For those considering a remodel this year, or those building brand new, tell us, what are you using? Hardwood, tile, or other?


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