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DeSelms Real Estate Goes to Disney

The Trip

What is the one place where everyone becomes a kid again, believing in magic, fun, and talking animals? Why, Disney World of course!

In early November, members of our DeSelms Team spent 3 days at Disney. This was an incredible experience and an amazing reward for all the hard work everyone put in throughout the year. During this past year, we hit record numbers and the trip was Terry’s way of saying thank you. Pam, Julie, Marion, Kelly, Lauren and Justin took in as much of the park as possible and brought us a few photos and stories to share as well. And really, could there have been a better place to go to get away from it all and just focus on having a good time? We think not!

The trip was also an opportunity for teambuilding outside the office.  Bonding was a big part of the adventure and took place while walking around and hanging out in line.  A few games were played to help pass some of that time too, where we got to learn a few things about each other that we otherwise would not have known!

Sharing meals and fellowship together was another bonus. We tried out a new bowling restaurant and enjoyed a really fun meal, followed by some time at the pool tables (no pool sharks in the group).

Best Disney Rides

Everyone knows the rides are a HUGE part of the Disney experience and going as adults proved that was still true. In no particular order, here were the favorites:

  • Expedition Everest – This Animal Kingdom ride is packed with exciting thrills and includes an encounter with the Yeti (what’s not to love about a ride where the Abominable Snowman is involved?)
  • Rock’n Roller Coaster – This is one of Disney’s more extreme rides, with high speed launch and the sound of Aerosmith pumping as your ride around in the dark!
  • Star Tours – This ride promises to take you to a galaxy far, far away and definitely delivers! (Fun fact: no two rides are the same on this as there are over 50 possible combinations!)
  • Tower of Terror – This super fun ride has big drops and a view at the top that just can’t be beat!

Tips & Tidbits

The trip was a huge success and here are a couple of tips for why:

  • Research – We spent time before we left to discuss which attractions were must sees and mapped out a plan of action.
  • Hotel – The hotel was the Hilton Lake Buena Vista and it was right across from Downtown Disney. The location was perfect!
  • Shuttle – The hotel provided free shuttle service to all the Disney Parks.
  • Staff – We could go on and on about this, but the staff at Disney truly go out of their way to make your experience incredible. Lucky us, we got to eat with a few of the great Disney Characters and we highly recommend that for everyone!

We loved this trip! Thanks again, Terry! And thanks to all our clients that give us the chance to work hard doing what we love!

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