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How To Spot A Great REALTOR

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We understand, there are A LOT of REALTORs out there. It can be tough to determine who’s really right for the job. But we promise there are signs and qualities that will let you know right away if you’ve found a good agent.

Here’s how to spot a great REALTOR:

1. They come with referrals

An easy starting place is asking friends who’ve recently bought or sold a house to share who they’ve used. Getting first hand stories about a REALTOR is a good way to determine if that person would be a good fit for you too. Even if you happen to meet a REALTOR randomly, he or she should be comfortable sharing his/her positive references from previous clients.

2. They communicate

We’ve written about the importance of communication for REALTORs before (see here). The best agents understand how essential it is to stay in constant contact with clients. He or she will also keep clients in the loop during the entire process, answering questions and explaining parts as needed.

3. They are honest

Let’s face it – not all agents are going to tell homebuyers that their ideas for a home and price point don’t line up. Or tell a home seller that the asking price is unrealistic. Find an agent willing to have the tough conversations about timelines, prices, and more.

4. They have a client’s best interest at heart

This goes with trait #3. A great REALTOR is less interested in the sale and most interested in happy clients. This means finding out the motivation of their home buyers and sellers and working diligently to meet expectations.

5. They are knowledgable

Even if it’s a brand new agent, a great REALTOR should have a solid understanding of the real estate market and process. That’s why at DeSelms Real Estate newer agents go through extensive training, are paired with mentors, and work with a support team during their initial time in the career.

At DeSelms Real Estate, we believe in helping agents become great REALTORS! If you’d like more information on how you can get started on a career at DeSelms Real Estate call us today at 615.550.5565!

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