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Selling Your Home During The Holidays

Many sellers have heard that the housing market and holidays don’t always mix well. However, there are untapped positives when selling a home in the winter. Sellers can take advantage of enhancing the space and the coziness of the holidays to sell a house quickly and seamlessly with the right tips.

Here are our top tips for selling your home during the holidays:


Stage an Inviting Atmosphere

The sights and sounds of the holidays can work to your advantage when selling a home during the winter. Connecting with buyers on an emotional scale can help create a landscape in the house that encourages them to envision their own home in your space. Use candle warmers for subtle scent and make sure the home looks properly staged for the season without being overly done. The tone should be neutral yet reflective of the season. Avoid the clutter of knickknacks and personal belongings. However, a classic and stately mantle display with dressed candles and hurricane bowls can add a nice twist.

Strip Down and Refine

Winter selling is all about refinement. Formal dining rooms and entryways can glow at this time of the year. Place settings and simple reminders of the home provide a backdrop for buyers to compare features of the home. However, bulky Christmas trees and tacky outdoor decor can detract from the home. Cozy winter features such as electric window candles and soft Christmas lights on the exterior work well. Make sure they are properly spaced and working. Remove superfluous decorations as well. The idea is to create a neutral palate for every winter theme.

Let There Be Light

The darker winter months make proper lighting in the home even more crucial. Interior lighting will show off window treatments and space in a brand new way. Incorporating mirrors and proper placement of furniture can make rooms feel bigger and more inviting. Lighting should be soft and not glaring. Some fluorescent bulbs can throw color off in an inviting room. Exterior lighting fixtures should be working properly and symmetrical. Roadside curb appeal relies on lighting more than ever during the holidays.

Conquer Legwork Ahead of Time

Negotiations are in prime in the winter. It’s also the best time for sellers to go ahead and do the extra work of pre-inspections to ensure the house is priced effectively. Major repairs in the home should be inquired before listing. It’s also a good time to fix minor repairs that could end up on the negotiation table. Prepare a binder of repairs and leave them on the counter for potential buyers. They will love the idea of transparency and organization during these busy months. Brokers may also be willing to negotiate a commission rate due to slower home sales as well.

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