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Reasons For Moving In Retirement

In this recent article, the Tennessean highlighted the large number of retirees moving to the Nashville area.  It’s true that Music City’s growth has not just been limited to young professionals and hipsters. Increasingly we are seeing more and more baby-boomers looking to settle in and around Nashville. In fact, Franklin has become one of the nation’s top choices among older adult homeowners.  It’s easy to see the draw to this area, particularly for retirees.  The truth is most people start to reevaluate their living situation post retirement. After all, with no obligations to a work-day lifestyle retirees can start to focus on new priorities for their time and enjoyment.

So, whether the final destination is Nashville or elsewhere here are the top reasons for moving in retirement:



While some parents are moving closer to adult children, the greater pull is the desire to be near grandkids. With more free time and adequate resources, lots of grandparents are choosing to move closer to grandkids. This allows them to be a bigger part of everyday life. The downside? Grandparents have to be careful they aren’t becoming full-time babysitters!

Cost of Living

Another huge reason retirees are  moving to the Nashville area is the cost of living here remains lower than other major cities. This means lower taxes, lower utilities, and lower health care costs (generally). The downside?  It also used to mean lower housing expenses though that has changed in the past couple of years due to the housing market. Still, a limited income can stretch much farther with overall lowered monthly expenses.


It’s no secret that Middle Tennessee has mild winters. Though residents may not be wearing shorts at Christmas, homeowners certainly aren’t scraping snow off sidewalks. Warmer weather is definitely an appealing factor for retirees. The downside? Extreme humidity and heat in the summers are part of living here too.


Since retirees have more downtime, it’s essential they have access to a wide variety of activities. One of the perk’s of Nashville’s explosion in the past few years is that the city now has more to offer in terms of activities and culture. Once only known for meat and threes, Nashville has a thriving restaurant scene with some of the nation’s best chefs. Thanks to the Predators, Titans and Nashville Sounds there are sporting events year round and the music scene in Nashville is absolutely top notch.

There are plenty of hiking, fishing and nature walk opportunities in and around the area too. Nashville is also a great place for travel lovers. There are plenty of road trips to take to visit neighboring states and our international airport means leaving the country is just as convenient.

Curious about retiring in Tennessee? Check out this website for even more information. Already know you want to live in the Nashville area and need help finding a house? Call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565 and let one of our award winning agents help you find the perfect home!




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