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REALTOR Tips: Marketing

Every business owner has to learn about marketing. After all, how would anyone know about new products, places or services without it? REALTORs also have to learn how to market since it both generates new leads and keeps agents in touch with previous clients. Done well, marketing can be fun AND effective. Done poorly, marketing can fall flat and lead nowhere. Here are our the places REALTORs should be marketing:

Print marketing


Technology has changed marketing drastically in the past few years, but print marketing hasn’t declined for years and actually proves pretty effective. In fact, in a survey from Inman most REALTORS are spending money on print and will continue to do so in the coming year. Print marketing efforts include door hangers, mailers, calendars, hand written notes and postcards. The most effective ones include information on new listings and real estate in general.

Online marketing


Of course, no REALTOR can really expect to use print marketing efforts exclusively anymore. Most print resources will include information for a company or REALTORs website at the minimum. Emailing, e-newsletters, and a strong web page are essential parts though of a great campaign. Use a website for creating a strong professional presence online, an e-newsletter to capture personality and emails for lead generation and correspondence. You Tube videos are also a wonderful way to showcase homes and expertise.  By using online marketing with print marketing, REALTORs can create a seamless plan that helps them stand out from the pack.

Social media marketing


Social media marketing can be intimidating for some REALTORs. Ironically, though most REALTORs are pros at managing face-to-face social interactions. In person, REALTORs are fantastic at explaining what they do, sharing information about the community and market and making connections with people. Apply these same tactics to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and REALTORs can find the same leads on social media that they are used to finding in person.

A solid marketing plan is crucial for success in real estate. That’s another reason why at DeSelms Real Estate, we work with new agents to create a marketing plan and budget. If you’d like to know more about how we do that, call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565!

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