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REALTOR Tips: Becoming An Expert


When people choose to work with a REALTOR, it’s because buying or selling a home is a significant transaction and they want a professional involved. A great REALTOR brings experience and knowledge to the process, which gives the home buyer and/or seller confidence.

But what about new REALTORS just getting started in the business? How can they become an expert without the years of experience a seasoned REALTOR has? Here are a few ways a new agent can begin to differentiate themselves:

  • Community/neighborhood  – Successful REALTORS often find becoming an expert within certain communities or neighborhoods is a smart strategy. Trying to know everything about an entire city or county could be overwhelming. Narrowing the scope and strategically learning as much as possible about a smaller section is much more feasible and can set you apart from other REALTORS. Here are tips for that.
  • Negotiation/contract – Another reason home buyers and sellers want a REALTOR is for expert help when it comes time for negotiation. REALTORS can go to bat for clients, over sale prices, dates, contingencies and more. This process can be overwhelming for a brand new agent. That’s why DeSelms Real Estate uses mentors and shadowing.  Also, having access to a strong support team means the REALTOR can keep calm and focus on what’s best for his/her client through the negotiation and contract process.
  • Laws/regulation – Real estate laws are constantly changing and reforms are continually being made.  Effective REALTORS stay on top of this by seeking out training opportunities and continuing education classes. For new agents, knowing how to find the information is going to be essential. Your clients will understand if you don’t know the answer to everything, but you must be prepared to show them you’re willing to get it!

Becoming an expert in real estate takes time, but there are ways that newer agents can get there quickly. Becoming passionate, plugged in and constantly curious are a good place to start. It also helps to join an experienced team who can help guide new agents and provide ongoing support even to seasoned agents.

If you’d like to become an expert REALTOR, call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565 and learn how we can help you on your way!

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