Real Estate Trends: Intergenerational Living

    Intergenerational Living


    In the past year, we’ve seen an interesting new trend in real estate: intergenerational living.  Time to toss out the image of grandma taking over the kids’ rooms!  However, the new options for this style of living are quite different from those of the past. 

    One possibility, as outlined in this NY Times article, is communal housing communities where residents of all ages live side by side. 

    And though an aging Baby Boomer generation is a big part of this trend, the number of college graduates returning home has increased as well.  This has led many households to consider renovations that support amenities like an extra kitchen and bathroom.  Here’s a look at some ways to remodel an existing home to adapt to new circumstances.

    Finally, there’s also been a return to new homes built with an ensuite bathroom, where in-laws or other family members can at least have a more appropriate amount of privacy.

    One of the main benefits cited is not only financial but emotional support. Tell us, would you consider this for your household?

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