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Real Estate Tips: The One That Got Away


Few things affect us like a broken heart: the sense of loss and sadness and the overwhelming feeling that you’ll never love again. Of course, we aren’t referring to people here but to real estate. Too often home buyers will fall in love with a home at first sight and are devastated when outbid or if the closing falls through. While we can’t prevent it from happening here are our real estate tips on how to handle the one that got away. 

Make a priority list

One of the biggest mistakes homebuyers make is falling in love with the feel of a house opposed to its practicality. In other words, sometimes homebuyers get gaga over tall ceilings and thick crown molding but are overlooking potential foundation issues or lack of closet space. Making a priority list will not only keep you in check when searching for the right home, it will lesson the tendency to view homes from an emotional standpoint.

Quit fantasizing

So, chances are your dream house wasn’t actually perfect. All houses have some compromise or defaults to them. If you feel yourself only building up the good, it’s possible you are forgetting the flaws. Romanticizing the house by picturing yourself in it all the time won’t help but if you can remember that there wasn’t yard space or the kitchen was in rough shape it might make it easier to move on from it.


If you feel like your dream house got away from you, time to regroup. Maybe it’s time to consider new areas, new neighborhoods or new price points. This is why working with a REALTOR is helpful. Let them guide you through this process. Be open to getting out and looking again ASAP – maybe this time with expanded options.  A good agent will know how to help you find the right house – even if you thought you just lost it!

Are you ready to find your new perfect home? Want help making sure you don’t let one “get away?” Call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565 and let one of our award winning agents help you through the entire process!


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