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    We recently read the results of a study that indicated there were more people who moved to America from other countries than Americans who moved abroad. As this post points out, here’s a breakdown of where everyone was coming from:

    2013 Top Origin Countries to the U.S.
    1. United Kingdom
    2. Germany
    3. China
    4. Australia
    5. France
    6. India
    7. Singapore
    8. Canada
    9. Switzerland
    10. Japan

    We couldn’t help but wonder then whether or not Nashvile was seeing the results of this kind of international movement. According to the 2013 Tennessee Tourism Committee Report (found here), we sure are! Here are just a couple of figures:


    • Between Jan – Jul 2012, Nashville had 56.5 million international visitors
    • Between Jan – Jul 2012, international visitors increased by 11% compared to 2011
    • The average international visitor spends $4,500
    The report further states that these tourists have a direct impact on Nashville’s job opportunities and economy. We are excited to see how this trend continues in the years to come, expecially as Nashville continues to gain a reputation for great dining and entertainment. The real bottom line though is how this increased interest in Nashville will lead to even more people looking to move here.
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