Notable in Nashville: Google Fiber

    If you live in Nashville, you may have heard that Google Fiber may be coming to the area. This is yet another example of Nashville’s continued growth and desirability as Fiber is currently only operating in three major cities. Bringing this service to Nashville area residents would be huge and the impact could be widespread. Already Nashville’s reputation as an “it” city has grown tremendously, as the city has seen increases in employment, housing market, and restaurant scene. 

    How would this affect real estate in Nashville? Adding Google Fiber to Nashville could bring even more businesses to the area, thereby increasing the number of residents as well. The Nashville neighborhoods that are already experiencing regneration will continue to keep going, while the areas surrounding Nashville such as Mt. Juliet and Hendersonville will become even more popular. After all, with Google Fiber more emplyees would have the technology necessary to work from home so buying a home in one of Nashville’s surrounding areas would be even more enticing.

    There are still some hurdles to clear but things are looking good in Nashville. If you’re wondering what else is going on in Nashville and real estate, here are 13 great reasons to celebrate.

    For those who already own a home in Nashville, this will likely keep those property values climbing. It also makes this a perfect time to consider an invesment property in the Nashville area. If you are interested in looking at Nashville listings to buy or invest in, let us know and we can help show you around!

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