Nashville Real Estate: Selling A Home In January

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    Brr, it’s cold outside in Nashville! With record lows across the nation, January has certainly kicked off in a big way this year.  Understandably, this makes people unsure about listing their home for sale during the cold winter months. However, selling a home in January can be a particularly great idea, if you have a trusted realtor to guide you. Here’s a look at some of the pros for putting a house on the market this time of year and how you can get your house ready to list. 

    Pros For Selling a Home in January

    • Less Inventory – Currently, Nashville real estate continues to do well. Yet, traditionally many people wait to list until the spring, feeling that better weather will help showcase their homes in a more favorable light. For those ready to sell now, less competition on the market means interested buyers will almost certainly check out your home. 
    • Serious Buyers – Looking at homes can be a full-time hobby for some people. However, winter makes it far less likely that the lookers will be the ones calling. Appointments set in January are generally serious buyers ready to find their perfect home. In fact, some of these buyers may have put their search on hold through the holidays and are freshly renewed again by the new year.
    • Rates Are Still Low – Right now the mortgage rates are still low. They are expected to rise in the coming months. This means those looking to buy are trying to lock in on these low rates while they can, pushing more buyers into a seriously motivated state. 

    Tips for Selling a Home in the Winter

    If you have decided to list your house, there are a few special things to consider. When selling in January, or any other winter month, homes need extra attention to certain areas. 

    • Outside – Be sure to keep walkways clear and clean. With no green lawn or blooming shrubs to entice the buyers, be certain that the outside of the home looks neat and welcoming. Clear any dead trees, leaves or brush near the house. Find a cute doormat or wreath to add some oomph to the front door. 
    • Windows – Wash every window thoroughly. Again, since there are no distractions available outside, it’s important that everything is completely clear and visible through the windows.
    • Light – The winter light can make everything feel dimmer. Throw open the curtains and blinds to let as much natural light in as possible and be sure all lamps are on inside potentially dark rooms. 
    • Cozy – Even if you keep your heat lower in the winter, do not freeze out your potential buyers.  Keep the temperature up a degree or two higher than normal for two reasons: tempt your visitors to linger for longer and to avoid the loud start of the HVAC unit. If you have a fireplace, have it crackling and ready to impress as well.

    There is often a lot of opportunity for selling a home in January. Even though it’s cold in Nashville, with just a few extra considerations to staging, you can maximize on those serious buyers ready to get back out there, making now a perfect time to sell.

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