Nashville Property Talk: Tudor Style Homes

    Last week we examined the features of cottage style homes and highlighted some charming cottage homes for sale in Nashville right now. We pointed out that cottage style homes have immense appeal for homebuyers and are often what we picture from the fairy tales of our youth. Another storybook style though is the Tudor style home. Tudor style homes often evoke a romantic, countryside charm.  This sense does not require an acutal countryside or English location either. In fact, Tudor style homes are found throughout Tennessee, such as the one pictured above, which is part of one of Knoxville’s historic districts, Lindbergh Forest.

    Here’s a closer look at Tudor style homes and you can spot them around the Nashville area.

    History of Tudor style homes

    Tudor style homes began as a movement away from the Gothic styles of earlier centuries. Around the late 14th century to early 15th century, English homeowners began building modest homes with thatched roofs. The emphasis on design had shifted from practical, defense oriented architecture to more aesthetically pleasing features. This is also when fireplaces began being used beyond the main, great hall of the first floor. 

    In the United States, when we refer to Tudor style homes, we are generally referencing the homes built during the early 20th century that use a range of the elements found in the early English Tudor style homes. 

    Features of Tudor style homes

    The main places to recognize Tudor style homes are in windows, framing, and roofs. 

    • Roofs – Tudor style homes have steeply pitched roofs, often with cross gables as well. Though early versions or countryside houses may have had thatched roofs, many larger and later Tudor style homes used slate or other local materials. 
    • Framing – Tudor style homes usually have half-timbered framing, which means that the framing is exposed. The exposed is wood, while the spaces in between can be plaster, brick or stone. In the US, half-timbering wasn’t always practical against winter elements. However, with the revival in Tudor style, homes were built with decorative or false half-timbering added to the exterior walls as decoration. 
    • Windows – Windows are a very important feature for Tudor style homes. Tall, narrow windows with multiple panes clustered together define the Tudor style house. Often the windows are leaded or have stained glass. 

    Appeal of Tudor style homes

    Thanks to the attention to detail and charming features of the Tudor style, these houses have instant curb appeal (like cottage style). They can range in size from small to stately and no two ever look exactly alike. They look warm, welcoming and cozy no matter what setting they are in, which is why homeowners love them.

    Are you looking for Tudor style homes in the Nashville area? There are plenty around, once you know how to spot them. Give us a call today and we’d be happy to show you what’s currently for sale in Nashville!

    Want a different style of home to buy in Nashville? We’ve got plenty of options. Get started here with current listings, or call our office to speak with a Nashville real estate agent that can help you find your dream home!

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