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    Perhaps it’s because summer solstice was this past Saturday, or maybe it’s the 90+ degree temperatures we reached in Nashville a few days ago. Whatever the reason, we’ve been thinking a lot about houses with swimming pools. There is no clear cut answer as to whether having a pool will help or hurt the sale of a home. The reason it’s not that simple is because all homebuyers view pools differently.

    Some Nashville area homebuyers are looking to buy a home with a pool because, let’s face it, Nashville summers are hot! And they remember their own childhood days lounging poolside. Others want a pool for entertaining guests and/or exercise. However, some homebuyers see pools as more upkeep and maintenance, not to mention liability concerns.

    Pros of swimming pools



    Having a swimming pool can increase the likelihood of selling your home, depending on where you live. Nashville homebuyers looking in high-end neighborhoods may expect a pool if the other houses around the area seem to have them already.

    As we already mentioned, Nashville sees plenty of hot days during the months of June-September. Since most public and neighborhood pools close after Labor Day, having a home swimming pool means extended enjoyment in the refreshing water. What could be better than inviting a few people over to share the fun?

    Since swimming pools are expensive to install, home owners may not add one, but may be very interested in buying a home with an existing pool.

    Cons of swimming pools

    The downside of a having a swimming pool is maintenance. Pools require a variety of chemicals and daily vacuuming to stay clean and user-friendly. Swimming pools also have filtration pumps and some have heaters. For some owners, these tasks and upkeep are no problem. For others, even opening and closing the pool seasonally is additional unwanted expense.

    Liability and insurance are another concern for some homebuyers. Accidents do happen and homeowners with a pool must consider increasing their liability on insurance policies. Most companies won’t even cover the home unless the pool is enclosed with a private fence and up to date on all other codes.

    Get it inspected


    Be sure to have a professional pool service company inspect the pool prior to buying a home. Don’t rely on a property inspector to understand all of the equipment involved with operating a pool. Let a specialized professional come test the equipment and pressure to ensure that no problems exist.

    Since having a swimming pool is a huge perk for some home owners and huge turnoff for others, it’s tough to say whether or not a pool will increase or decrease your home value. It all depends on where you live and who is looking to buy the home.

    Do you want a Nashville home with a pool? Call us today to view a few of the homes for sale in Nashville with swimming pools!

    Have a home with a pool and curious about selling it in Nashville’s current real estate market? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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