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    Nashville Homes come in many different shapes and sizes. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been exploring houses in styles that are rather universally loved: cottages and Tudor style homes. Now, let’s look at a more polarizing style – split-level houses. Most homebuyers have strong reactions to the split-level; either recalling a nostalgic fondness or recoiling in dread over this 70’s era design.

    It’s true that most new homes are NOT being built as split-levels, but is this because the style is truly out of date or just overlooked? Here’s a closer look at split-level houses.

    Definition of split-level houses


    Modern Split Level

    Split-level houses have floors that are staggered, so one floor is typically about a half story above or below an adjacent floor. The most common setup is to have a front door at entry level with a living room and kitchen also on that level and then the bedrooms are stacked either above or below the ground. Some houses have a split-entry, which is slightly different than a split-level. A split-entry has a front door that opens to a middle landing, with steps going up on one side and steps going down on the other. You’ll see examples of these homes in Nashville suburbs, like Franklin & Hendersonville. 

    History of split-level houses

    Split-level houses developed in the 1930s but really began popping up during after WWII, during the housing boom. The split-level house style was particularly popular in the 1970s as families moved toward housing floor plans where everyone could spread out while all under the same roof. Plus, split-level housing meant no basements which was a cost saver for developers.

    By the 1980s, families moved away from these split-level houses to a more contemporary style that offered more light and an open floor plan with a separate bonus room.

    The benefits of split-level


    Currently, split-level houses seem to be having a comeback moment in real estate. Many Nashville homebuyers want a floor plan that feels open but also allows the kids a separate place to play. A lot of savvy Nashville homebuyers have seen the potential for remodeling a split level to take it from dark and out of date to modern and fresh. The once unappealing outside of these homes have been revamped in some very interesting ways, adding massive curb appeal. Here are a few examples.

    Plus, with the housing inventory lower these days, many homebuyers are re-considering the split level. This article makes an excellent case for why split-level houses are actually a great buy, particulalry for young families. 

    Split-level houses aren’t for everyone, but for the right homebuyer they can be a perfect fit. Still not sure if you can get behind this trend? Here’s a before and after that may just change your mind.

    Interested in seeing what kind of split level houses are available in Nashville? View currently available Nashville homes here or give us a call and we can help you find the perfect home!

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