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    By now, we all know that technology advances rapidly. After all, our phones are pretty much out of date within a year since a newer, sleeker and faster model seems to come out every 6 months. Technology affects everything from cars to sneakers so it’s no surprise that the advancements in technology also impact our homes.

    One driving force for home technology is the increased awareness of a home’s energy and environmental footprint. Nearly all of our daily tasks have been made simpler and more effecient thanks to new home technology. The added benefit is less consumption per home owner and additional savings on monthly bills like water and electricity. In general, these improvements in home technology are a win-win for everyone and potential homebuyers are seeking Nashville houses for sale that have already incoporated at least some of these advancements. 

    Here are the top areas where home technology is affecting Nashville homebuyers:

    Home technology: smart appliances

    Almost universally, homeowners and future homeowners are looking for high efficiency appliances. Why? These energy efficient appliances wind up saving both energy and money. New standards have raised the bar and newer appliances are required to perform better, without guzzling as much electricty as they once did. Although the energy efficient models are more expensive on the front end, they save money each month on the utility bills.

    Even more interesting is the future of home technology with appliances. Companies like GE and Honeywell are already looking to embed chips in items such as ovens and refridgerators. What these means for consumers is that with a touch of the smart phone, you can turn on your oven while driving home or set the ice maker to only generate ice during peak hours.

    Home technology: green materials


    Most home builders understand the importance of energy efficiency for homebuyers these days, which is why so many home builders are incorporating green materials into their designs. While installing solar panels like the ones pictured above might not be an affordable option for everyone, there are plenty of other green materials thanks to home technology. These include basics like dual flush toilets, windows made of smart glass, green insulation, and even just biodegradable paint.

    Another very common home technology set-up: programmable thermostats. Setting the heat/air conditioning unit to operate based on when everyone is home is a very simple way to conserve money and energy, which most homeowners appreciate!

    Home technology: security system


    One of the most reassuring advancements of home technology has to do with our security. Thanks to the smartphone, everything from flood lights to the front door can be controlled by the touch of a button, even when away from home.  These new security systems and alarms can also be programmed to notify your phone anytime something unusual happens, such as an unexpected visit from a repairman or phone company representative.

    While these systems have not made it into every household, they are becoming more affordable and more popular. Certainly existing homes with this kind of technology are desirable for potential homeowners. Unfortnately, smart homes and zero efficiency homes are still not accessible for all due to expense. However, home technology will inevitably continue to improve and adjust our way of living. In fact, it already has.

    Are you looking for a Nashville home with new, greener construction? Check out the current Nashville MLS inventory and let us know what you’d like to see in person!

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