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    Once upon a time, gated communities were reserved for those homeowners with celebrity status or the ultra wealthy. This is not exactly how it works today. While there are a large number of executive gated communities in the Nashville area, there are also smaller gated communities with more modest homes or even condos and townhomes. 

    So, what exactly is the appeal of a gated community? Let’s dive in to the pros and cons:

    Pros of gated communities


    1. Safety – Safety is usually a big reason why Nashville homeowners look for a home in a gated community. In truth, how secure the neighborhood is will depend on how well maintained the gate is. In other words, if the gates are left open most of the time or don’t change the access code regularly enough they may not be as secure as homeowners think. However, the gate does usually deter drive-thru traffic which is wonderful for parents of small children who wish to minimize exposure to a busy road.
    2. Ammenities – Love having access to a pool, clubhouse, and other conveniences like workout facility or golf course? Then check out the gated communites with homes for sale in Nashville! An added benefit for these ammenities is that it makes meeting the neighbors far easier as you are likely to see eachother coming and going. 
    3. Curb appeal – Since gated communities will have an HOA as well, there will be strict rules about home maintenance and design. This will create a more cohesive feel for neighborhoods that are part of a gated community, which may keep the home value higher in the long run as well. 

    Cons of gated communities



    1. Rules – For every Nashville homeowner that desires the strict guidelines and uniformity that comes from an HOA, there is one that does not. If you prefer not to get approval on home choices like the color of your front door or what outbuildings you can have on your property, then a gated community is not for you.
    2. Cost – Don’t forget that all of the wonderful ammenities and security that come from living in a gated community also come with a fee. Your monthly fees may be significant and it’s important to factor that in when looking to buy a new home in Nashville and considering a gated community.
    3. Inconvenience – Gated communities are always the most convenient for both residents and guests. Issues with gates, access for visitors, and prolonged waiting times can be annoying. Plus, many people feel more cut off from the rest of the outside community at large by living inside the gated one. 

    Gated communities are not the right fit for everyone, though they have become increasingly popular. If you would like to look for a Nashville home for sale in one of the gated communities in the area, let us know and we can help you find the right fit! 

    Looking for Nashville homes for sale, gated orotherwise? Start here with the Nashville MLS listing and let us know what you’d like to see! 

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