Nashville Property Talk: Front Porches


    Front porches are really just an architectural element found on a lot of houses. Explain that to any true Southern homeowner though and they are likely to laugh you right off of their own front porch. For Nashville homeowners the front porch is not simply a part of the home, it’s an integral part of the home. Here are some of the reasons why front porches are so important for Nashville home buyers.

    Protection from the elements


    Originally front porches were a necessity. Front porches offer protection from the elements. They are a way to get out of the rain, the sun, or the snow (though not often found in Middle Tennessee). This protection helps prevent damage to the entry and is a welcome respite for guests when they arrive at your house.

    Curb appeal of front porches


    We’re REALTORS so we can’t help but notice that front porches add immense curb appeal to Nashville homes. With a front porch, the home owner can add visual interest with potted landscaping, swings, or chairs. It instantly makes a house attractive and can lead to a higher asking price for selllers. It’s also fun for families to use their front porch to change seasonal decor, also adding to that curb appeal.

    Front porches are relaxing


    In the past, front porches meant you could find Southern homeowners drinking tea and relaxing all through late afternoons. Long summer evenings might be spent entirely on the front porch, conversing with neighbors and friends. While not all Nashville homeowners spend that same amount of time on the porch, the feeling of relaxation is certainly the same. This is even discussed in NPR’s piece, Front Porch: Not A Place, But A State Of Mind.

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