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    In last week’s Nashville Property Talk, we touched on the grand elegance a soaring ceiling has on a home’s entry. We’ve found that most Nashville homebuyers enjoy an entry or foyer, with or without the soaring ceilings. The entry is (usually) the first place guests step inside your home; and how it is styled gives them their first impression of your house.

    Like the ceiling, these spaces are not often put first on a priority list for buying a new home. Yet, even small changes here make a huge impact for visitors, especially for potential homebuyers. Here’s a closer look at why we love foyers.

    History of the foyer


    As with so many design elements, the foyer was originally incorporated into houses for practical reasons. Having a foyer at the front door served two purposes: it created a separate space for colder air to “stay” which kept the other heated rooms warmer, and it allowed guests a place to drop umbrellas and coats and other weather-related accessories before entering the main living space.

    Split-level foyers became popular during the 1950s as homebuilders modified the ranch style homes that were rising in popularity. The split level entry gave a grander feel to homes that homebuyers were looking for at that time.

    In recent years, many new homes have either eliminated or downsized the foyer space. This is particularly true for smaller homes, where builders are trying to maximize square footage for homeowners. The rationalization being that these spaces are rather unnecessary since no one spends a great amount of time in the foyer.

    Benefits of a foyer

    True foyers still provide a level of protection from the elements. A common trend now is to offer a relaxed entry or foyer like the one above, which gives a place to put shoes on or off or leave umbrellas and coats before moving on to the rest of the house.

    Another benefit of the foyer is privacy. Having a proper foyer means that some visitors who pop by unannounced don’t have to see the rest of the home. This is a tremendous relief for those who feel their homes should remain “guest-ready” at all times.

    Finally, the foyer is a wonderful place for homeowners to showcase their own personal style tastes. Since the area is not lived in, it becomes a relatively safe place to highlight art or a bold color choice. Want an excuse to add some drama or glamour to your home? Try the foyer!

    Styling your foyer


    The main rule for decorating a foyer seems to be to enhance the space. Whether you opt for drama, practical use, or casual elegance, the foyer is a great place to set the tone for the feel of your home. For practical tips on styling your foyer, try these suggestions from Real Simple.

    No entry to sepak of at your home? That’s ok! This post from Goodbye House, Hello Home has some wonderful ideas.

    For those looking for inspiration on grand foyers check out these wonderful ones on Houzz.

    Are you a fan of the foyer and looking for a Nashville home for sale that has one? Check out the current Nashville MLS listings here and let us know which ones you are interested in!

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