Nashville Property Talk: Exploring Ranch Style Homes

    One of the most interesting aspects of real estate is growing familiar with the various architectural styles of housing available on the market. One of the older styles in the Nashville area is the ranch style home. The ranch style home can be found in nearly every part of America, and certainly Nashville neighborhoods have more than a few as well. Here’s a brief rundown of them on this week’s Nashville property talk: exploring ranch style homes. 

    History of the ranch style house

    Ranch style houses originally appeared in 1932, when architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright (that’s his Jacobs house above) created unique variations on the ranch style houses that were a far cry from the previous Victorian ones. After World War II, ranch style houses became quite popular with developers looking to increase the housing options for soldiers and their families. Because the ranch style house could be built quickly and economically, it became easy for builders to establish a whole neighborhood full of houses with nearly the exact same ranch style floor plan. In Nashville, several of these neighborhoods still exist today. 

    Features of ranch style homes

    The traditional ranch style floor plan is a long, often rectangular floor plan. Most of the ranch style homes in the Nashville area have all living space on one level, but occasionally you’ll run across a ranch style home with a full basement. The floor plans are usually simple, with one room flowing into another and many times all bedrooms will be contained on one end of the home. These homes also typically have large windows and sliding glass doors that lead to a deck or patio. 

    For a time, ranch style houses seemed to fade out of style as many modern families had grown disinterested in that particular floor plan. Baby boomers who grew up with this style of house were looking for larger, grander homes with more diversity.  In recent years, Nashville homebuyers have expressed a renewed intrigue with the ranch style houses on the real estate market. Young families and retiring baby boomers looking to downsize are particularly drawn to these houses now. Modern renovations in many of the ranch style houses in Nashville have added opportunity for interesting features and open floor plans, which are wonderfully appealing too. 

    Benefits of ranch style homes

    Many Nashville home owners prefer the ranch style floor plan thanks to its simplicity and openness. For young families and older homebuyers, these floor plans provide single level living at it’s finest, with no stairs for potential accidents. These homes can be more energy efficient as well without having multiple floors to heat and cool. Even home maintenance can be less costly as many repairs to roofs, windows, eaves, etc are far less expensive on one story homes. Finally, ranch style houses are often more affordable as these floor plans were originally designed for a time when families only bought houses with as much space as they needed. 

    Are you looking for ranch style houses in the Nashville area? Call us today for a look at the current listings!

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