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    Last week we defined contemporary style homes and established that the true defintion of contemporary is “current.” So, with that in mind, we’re finding that many Nashville homeowners love the idea of a contemporary cottage. In other words, many Nashville home buyers love the appeal and charm of a cottage style home, but don’t want to deal with any overbearing home maintenance issues.

    Yet, when we ask home buyers to describe what cottage means to them, the answers vary widely. So, just what makes a cottage style home?


    History of cottage style homes

    In the United States, homeowners began defining cottages as smaller, second homes that were used for holidays. For many homeowners, that is still the standard image that comes to mind.  However, in other parts of the world a cottage was actually a complete compact farmhouse, yard, and possibly even a barn.


    Features of cottage style homes

    It’s true that many American cottages are still smaller in size. However, there are many newer Nashville homes being built with cottage style on a grander scale. The characteristics that help keep those homes cottage style include: 

    • steep roof pitches
    • gables
    • dormers
    • arched doors
    • casement windows

    The main quality that cottage style homes have though is slightly more intangible; cottages are cozy, inviting, and charming. In fact, many of us have images of cottages from reading fariy tales and looking at wonderful little homes tucked near beaches, mountains and English countrysides. Even the larger Nashville cottages give the appearance of being smaller from the outside. This adds to the overall impression of a cozy home, despite being quite large inside.  

    Another appealing factor for Nashville cottages is that the exteriors are made from a variety of materials. They can be stone, stucco, wood, brick, or a combination of any two.

    Cottage style homes do offer some the most intriguing curb appeal for home buyers. While cottage style homes are not often considered for home buyers looking for large house plans, many of the newer models are quite spacious and should be considered. For Nashville home buyers looking at homes that offer a smaller footprint, cottage style homes are usually perfect.

    If you are in the market for cottage style homes in Nashville, give us a call today and we can help you find your perfect new home!

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