Nashville Property Talk: Contemporary Homes

    When working with our Nashville homebuyers, we try to get a sense of what style of house suits their needs and lifestyle. The most common responses are for traditional, ranch, cottage or Cape Cod style houses. We tend to get mixed reactions when we mention the term Contemporary. It seems most of us have happened across some wildly modern home with industrial features and hard lines and we were told that it was “Contemporary.” Thus, we carry that image around with us every time someone mentions Contemporary style. However, we may have been misinformed. So, just what are Contemporary homes?

    Definition of contemporary


    A big part of the confusion around the term Contemporary is that it is often interchanged with the term modern. Yet, modern is an architectural term used to define a movement that took place around the beginning of the 20th century, when architects sought to use very particular design ideas such as simple lines, extensive windows and open floor plans. Contemporary actually just refers to any present day or current home, which is basically the new construction homes that are being built right now to meet popular living needs.

    Right now lots of light, natural elements and open floor plans happen to be very popular, so Contemporary houses are being built with those features. Since those features also happen to be basic elements of modern design, many of today’s contemporary houses are modern. Yet, many Contemporary houses now include traditional finishes too. However, not all modern houses are Contemporary since in ten years a whole new set of features will dictate what is Contemporary. Essentially, contemporary design is always evolving and changing and borrowing styles from a variety of eras.

    Benefits of Contemporary homes


    Since Contemporary homes are the most current, they are also the most up-to-date with codes and efficiency. This includes stylish finishes that are also money savers in the long run. In fact, since so many contemporary homes are far more environmentally-friendly than older homes, more neighborhoods are approving new, contemporary construction even if it does not “blend” with the original style of the neighborhood.

    Right now, we have mutiple options for Contemporary homes in Nashville and surrounding areas. Are you intersted in looking at one of the contemporary homes for sale in Nashville? Give us a call and we will be glad to find the right one for you!

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