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    Celings are not generally on the top of homebuyer’s priority lists. In fact, we often forget to pay close attention to ceilings as we go through homes. However, ceilings tend to play a quiet but significant role in a home’s overall feel. For example, according to this special post from ABS news popcorn ceilings have become one of the top 10 turnoffs for homebuyers. So, while we may not actively think about ceilings, they do influence our opinion of a home.

    If you are looking to sell your Nashville home, or are just considering a remodel, you may want to be sure you don’t neglect the celiings in your house. Here are a few ceiling options that homebuyers are currently coveting.

    Soaring Ceilings


    Homebuyers adore walking into a house for sale with soaring ceilings. Victorian homes often had 9-foot ceilings, which were replaced for a time with 8-foot ceilings. Somewhere in the mid 1990s, home builders returned to the 9-foot ceiling as the standard. Yet, homes with soaring ceilings in either the foyer or den get high marks from homebuyers as they tend to make an entire room feel lighter and more spacious. Decorating these spaces is another matter and too much empty wall space can make a home feel sterile. Here are some tips for how to decorate a room with high ceilings.

    Painted Ceilings


    Perhaps there’s no way to increase the height of your home’s ceilings. That’s okay because painted ceilings are an incredible way to transform a room. It’s a well-known trick that decorators often suggest painting a celiling a shade lighter than the walls to help the ceilings appear taller. Painting the ceiling can also add depth, drama, or enhance certain architectural elements. Here’s some more examples of painted ceilings and the impact they make on a room.

    Embellished Ceilings


    Adding any visual texture or interest to a ceiling can completely change the room. Using wallpaper, wood panels, tin panels, and molding are all options for creating visual interest to an otherwise ordinary space. If adding this to sell your Nashville home, you will want to err on the side of conservative, however, as not everyone has the exact same tolerance for patterns.

    Ceilings are often overlooked, yet they can make a huge impression. For decorators and designers they are considered a fifth wall. So, if you are looking to get your Nashville home market-ready or just want to add a layer of drama to your home, start by looking up.

    Do soaring ceilings make your heart sing? Give us a call today to see which Nashville homes for sale also have tall ceilings.

    Do you have a Nashville home to sell? Contact us and we can look at not just your ceilings, but the whole home, and help you get started on putting it on the market!

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