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    Recently, we explored ranch style houses and their popularity among Nashville home-buyers. Another favorite housing style for Nashville home buyers is the Cape Cod style home. These homes have been around since the colonial times and are one of the most recognizable styles of homes in America. Cape Cod style homes have immense appeal, with their history and cottage-like charm. In recent years, builders have adapted this simple style to accommodate modern families, also adding to their popularity.

    History of Cape Cod style homes

    Early American settlers developed the Cape Cod style home based on the thatched-roof cottages from Britain. Over time, the homes evolved to adapt to the harsh winters of the northeast: steeper roofs kept snow and rain from collecting, cedar shingles protected from the cold, and a centrally located chimney could warm the whole house.

    The Cape Cod style home stopped being built for a while, replaced by other housing styles. It regained popularity around 1930, but experienced a tremendous boom after WWII when thousands of soldiers and their families needed housing after the war. Many of the first major housing developments used Cape Cod style homes to fill neighborhoods.

    Features of Cape Cod style homes

    Cape Cod style homes were originally small and single-story, with a large chimney centrally located in the heart of the home. As the homes evolved, a second story was added with windows and dormers on each side of the door, keeping the home symmetrical. Modern-day versions also include decorative shutters and extended gables while custom plans allow Nashville home-buyers to make these homes contemporary or traditional.

    Benefits of Cape Cod style homes

    Smaller, tradtional Cape Cod style homes are often most attractive to first time home-buyers because they are more affordable and offer an immense amount of charm. Another factor that makes these homes attractive is the lots. Since so many of this style home was built in the 1950s in Nashville, the lots are usually quite large and near tree lined streets. One drawback is that with the sloped roof, the upstairs will have sloped celilings and more restricted square footage since there can be lost space. However, newer models have adjusted for this and may not even have sloped ceilings.

    In short, Cape Cod style homes are sturdy, simple and beautiful and remain a very desirable choice for many Nashville home-buyers.

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