Nashville Property Talk: All About Fences


    Fences are important for many Nashville homeowners for a variety of reasons such as privacy, security, and protection from wildlife. Fences can also add curb appeal to a Nashville property, especially when installed properly with the right materials. Whether you are considering adding a fence or looking for a Nashville house that already has one, here’s a round up of the best materials and styles for fences.

    The Natural Beauty


    One popular choice for Nashville homeowners is a wood fence. Wood fences have a natural appearance and can be painted or stained as desired. They provide a traditional look and  wood fences are also easier to repair than other fences. Finally, with proper maintenance, they last for a very long time. The cons of wood fences include potential for pest infestation and it’s possible they can rot.

    The No-Maintenace Option

    Nashville homeowners looking for a no-maintenance fence may want to consider going with vinyl. Vinyl fences won’t fade, change color, or rust. There is no danger of rotting or pest infestation either with a vinyl fence. Vinyl fences are economical and easy to install, all adding to their appeal. However, vinyl fences are limited in color options and can mildew over time. The other disadvantage with a vinyl fence is that they are difficult for homeowners to repair, meaning a professional is needed and that can be expensive.

    The Traditional Workhorse


    Wrought iron fences have been used for years in traditional Nashville houses. These fences are durable, much stonger in fact than other fencing materials. Iron is also malleable, meaning it can be shaped into a variety of interesting patterns, which is another benefit for homeowners looking to add curb appeal to their property. The downside for these fences is that they offer very little privacy and over time they will corrode. Iron fences are also very expensive, though many today are made out of steel, which can bring down the cost.

    The Long Running Favorite

    What is it about the white picket fence that captures Nashville homeowners hearts? Perhaps it’s because these fences have a long history in American neighborhoods and are practically a symbol for family life with children and dogs. White picket fences can be used with several different housing styles, from country to tradtional to colonial and rustic. They can also be made from a variety of materials these days, meaning homeowners have more choices than ever for getting exactly the right kind of fence for them. For more white picket fence inspiration, check out these possibilites.

    Looking for a fenced yard for your next Nashville house? Call us today and we can help you find just what you need!

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