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Nashville Neighborhood Series: Green Hills


If you are considering buying a new home in Nashville and don’t want a long commute to Nashville, but wouldn’t mind living just outside of downtown, Green Hills may be the perfect fit. Located just a few minutes south of Nashville, Green Hills has a variety of attractions for both residents and visitors.

Here are a few things to know about Green Hills:

  • It has everything – Unlike more urban areas, Green Hills is equipped with everything. There are multiple grocery stores, dry cleaners, and service retailers (think Verizon, Apple, etc) within the area. There’s also a lot of restaurants, high end shopping options, and a movie theater. For residents of Green Hills, there’s no reason to have to leave.
  • It gets crowded – Green Hills is built for cars, not pedestrians so it can get congested quickly. Also, with all the amenities in the area, it’s a popular place for tourists to visit. With the combination of tourists, residents, and businesses it can be pretty busy.
  • It’s wealthy – The cost of living in Green Hills is high. It’s largely populated by wealthy adults and families.
  • There are multiple housing options – Though expensive, Green Hills does offer a variety of living options. There are condos, apartments, single family homes and even a few multi-family places to live.

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