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    Nashville Area Property: Largest Houses And Smallest Houses On The Market

    Earlier this week, we looked at What Is Square Footage On A House and discussed how it affects the market value and asking price of a home for sale. Today we have a real estate round up for Nashville area property to highlight some of the largest houses and smallest houses on the market currently. 

    Pros And Cons of a Large House

    The main advantage of a bigger house is that more square footage means more options. There is more room for people, storage, and activities. For people involved in an executive lifestyle, this means entertaining and hosting is far easier. Also, in the Nashville area there has been a signifcant jump in multiple adoptions, where families of four suddenly become families of seven or eight. A larger house means everyone is more likely to find a quiet spot to claim and no one has to feel cramped. 

    The downside to a bigger house is the cost. The intial cost upfront can be signficant, but the ongoing costs with maintenance and running a larger house will be more too. It’s important to not overbuy. When looking to buy a house, take into consideration not just the asking price but the cost of a major repairs down the road. A good REALTOR® can help you understand all of the pros and cons before you buy a new home.

    Are you currently looking for a larger house in the Nashville area? Here are 3 of the biggest and most beautiful listings right now:

    4862 Bethesda Duplex Road

    This stunning house at 4862 Bethesda Duplex Road has an impressive 7,271 square foot floor plan. The entire house contains hand crafted woodwork throughout. With this much square footage, there is definetly space for all, including a separate apratment connected to the house by an atrium. 

    254 Quad Oak Dr

    At approximately 7,000 square feet even this large house in Mount Juliet is truly a private estate. It also includes a separate workshop with two car garage and separate apartment on the property. 

    Just how many square feet are needed for a house to be considered larger? Well, naturally that depends on the real estate market in each area. In Nashville, any listing over approximately 4,000 tends to fall into the larger house category. With just under 4,500 square feet this Nashville home is a larger house that gives the cozy warmth of a smaller home. Yet, with the amazing details and upgrades found throughout this home is equally as stunning as it’s larger competion.

    The Pros and Cons of a Small House

    Many people start with a small house, or starter home, for financial reasons alone. Smaller Nashville area homes tend to be lower priced and can be found throughout the area, which means a greater selection for potential home buyers. Aside from price and availability, smaller homes also have other advantages. By using less utilities, monthly costs are cheaper as are repairs. Since there is not as much room for stuff, smaller homes can force a simpler lifestyle as well. Another pro is that having a smaller house can make it easier to splurge on higher quality materials since less of them are needed.

    The disadvantages of a smaller home are usually related to size and logistics. As families grow, they tend to outgrow smaller homes and need more open space for everyone to move about. The size of a small house can impact privacy and the ability to have guests for any length of time. And, eventually there is almost always too much stuff with not enough room!

    Smaller by choice is increasing in popularity as people are downsizing more and opting to steamline their lives. Before you jump all in on the new trend, be sure to consult with a REALTOR® to find the right fit for you. If you happen to be on the lookout for a smaller house in the Nashville area, here are three great finds:

    2120 Belmont Blvd

    Residents of large cities are used to smaller living quarters. Downtown living doesn’t usually come with many houses and apartments and condos are more likely to be found. This fantastic condo in Nashville’s historic Albermarle is a terrific example of quality living on a smaller scale. It’s total square footage is 717, but every bit of it has charm. The fact that it’s located close to three colleges and downtown Nashville make this perfect for students and young adults looking to live in the city. 

    Coming in at just under 1200 square feet, this wonderful starter home in Nashville is a great opportunity for young families just getting going. It’s tucked into a quiet neighborhood and has a lovely backyard for kids and/or dogs. Details such as wainscotting and crown molding also add to the appeal.

    With just under 1100 square feet, this charming two bedroom house in Murfreesboro comes with an attatched garage that offers homeowners storage options not often found with smaller houses. It also has a lovely open floor plan and vaulted ceilings that helps the home feel larger than it actually is. 

    We’d be happy to show you either the largest house of the smallest house in our current listings and of course, we also have a whole range of houses in bewtween. So, if you are looking for a house in the Nashville area, give us a call and let’s go house hunting!

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