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Most Expensive Remodeling Projects


Ask anyone who has completed a home remodeling project and you are likely to hear about two things: the cost and the timeline. Most projects have a tendency to cost more and take longer than originally anticipated. 

This is the nature of remodeling. Sometimes contractors underbid costs in order to secure the jobs, but more often they discover an unexpected issue or complication that simply adds to the cost and/or timeline. Still, homeowners can at least prepare themselves for the overall cost of a remodeling project by knowing the ballpark range for most of them. Whether you plan to remodel to sell a home or to enjoy the updates while living there, here’s a look at the most expensive projects you can tackle.

  1. Kitchens – Probably not a surprise to most homeowners to see kitchens at the top of the list for high dollar projects. Even modest kitchen updates tend to cost a pretty penny. After all, there are appliances, cabinets, countertops and lighting to address. Those are usually just the basics. Add in the cost of hardware, lighting, flooring, and a backsplash and you can see how quickly the costs mount. This is also one of the biggest return on investments so while it may be expensive it often pays off in the long run. You can use some DIY skills, salvage as much as possible, and get creative but homeowners should still expect to pay between $3-25,000 on the lower end. High end, custom options can cost up to as much as $50,000.
  2. Bathrooms – Like kitchens, bathroom remodels tend to get pricy quickly. Labor is the biggest cost on this project, but tile and fixtures aren’t cheap either. On average a full remodel runs homeowners around $16,000. Of course, choosing less expensive finishing touches will bring costs down. Homeowners can also choose to only replace what’s really outdated or broken and cut costs significantly. A modest remodel will still average around $5,000.
  3. Roof – Adding a new roof is rarely exciting for any homeowner. It’s a project that provides more value in function than style and it’s not cheap to do. Homeowners can expect an average cost of $9,000 for a whole new roof. Unlike the kitchens and bathrooms, roofs can’s usually be partially redone. They tend to be an all or nothing project.
  4. Adding garage – Nearly all homeowners appreciate a garage – both for storing cars and extra stuff. A home without a garage limits homeowners and so it makes sense to add one to the home. The cost for this is not small, averaging about $15,000 for most people.
  5. Siding – Unlike a roof, new siding provides a major impact to the overall curb appeal of a home. The cost? Around $8,000. It could be well worth it though as it changes the entire facade and look of a house.

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