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Money Saving Tips For Millennials

For millennial homeowners who want to cut down on their household expenses and save more money throughout the year, there are a number of steps to take. There are several ways of saving money around the house without having to compromise on comfort. To save hundreds of dollars each year, there are a few tips to follow around the house. 


Here are our money saving tips for Millennials:

1. Increase the Temperature on Your Water Heater
It’s important to reduce your water heater’s temperature by 10 percent for an effective way of saving more throughout the year. The best temperature to set the heater at is 120 degrees, which will also prevent corrosion from developing.

2. Allow Your Laundry to Air Dry
Avoid using the dryer when you can be more economical and air dry your clothe on hangers or an a clothes line outdoors. This will also help to preserve the quality of the clothes and will prevent them from fading.

3. Set the Thermostat
Setting the thermostat in the home will prevent the HVAC from working overtime, especially when you’re away from the property. The thermostat can also be turned down by 10 degrees during the night.

4. Sign Up for a Heating and Cooling Contract
This step will ensure that an HVAC maintenance company readies the AC unit for the summer and the furnace during the winter to insure the product and save more money if it needs to be replaced.

5. Prevent Drafts
Drafts that are present from holes or cracks on the home should be caulked to prevent leaks or outdoor air from getting in, which will prevent extra energy usage with your HVAC system.

6. Keep Closet Doors Closed
Closing closet doors will prevent using more energy with extra space that needs to be heated or cooled during the year.

7. Keep the Curtains Closed
Use heavy curtains on your windows during the winer season and keep them closed to prevent cold air from seeping into the home, which will cost more to heat the property.

8. Use LED Lights
LED lights have a longer lifespan than incandescent lights and last 50,000 hours compared to 10,000 hours. They also cost less with 329 kilo-watts that are used each year as opposed to 767 kilo-watts.

9. Wash Clothes in Cold Water
You can still get your clothes just as clean by washing them in cold water, which will save more energy.

10. Unplug Electronics That are Not in Use
Many homeowners are unaware that energy is still being used for lamps or televisions when they’re plugged in, even if they aren’t turned on.

Do you have tips we’ve overlooked? We’d love to hear them!

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