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Why Are So Many People Moving To Nashville?


As we noticed in the headlines last week, Nashville officially beat Memphis as Tennessee’s largest city. With literally hundreds of people (or about 82 a day) moving to Nashville each week, the city has experienced unprecedented growth in the past few years. Which begs the question: why are so many people moving to Nashville?

Here a few reasons we think people can’t help falling in love with living in Music City:

Moving to Nashville for jobs

Nashville has been well known for music since it’s origin. Once built firmly on Country music, Nashville now is home to a wide variety of music acts.  Then came healthcare, a $40 billion dollar industry for the city now. In the past few years, Nashville has gained a reputation as a welcoming place for entrepreneurs and start-ups too. As companies continue to move to Nashville jobs continue to grow, which is a great sign for Nashville’s future as well.

Moving to Nashville for lifestyle

Jobs may be the number one reason for people moving to Nashville. Though lately, with Nashville’s status as an “It City” there are more people moving here for the lifestyle now. From top dining experiences, to music concerts and everything in between, Nashville has a lot to offer pretty much everyone these days. Plus, the city still takes pride in its Southern roots and hospitality, which makes it a pretty friendly place to live too. Most long term residents agree that despite its recent growth, Nashville maintains all the charm it had when it was a much smaller city. Additionally, with the number of convenient cities surrounding Nashville, its very easy to commute from an even more family friendly area.

Moving to Nashville for cost of living

Yes, the rent rates are rising in Nashville. Yes, the housing market is booming. Homes are being sold in days, not weeks and there is no sign of slowing. Obviously, with demand like this, the cost of housing starts to rise. However, the cost of housing is still 9% lower than the National average. Plus, general sales tax is lower than average AND there is no state income tax. All of which add up to a lower cost of living overall for Nashville residents. Another reason it’s becoming a hot spot for both young professionals just getting started, families and retirees!

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  • Byron Gomez
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    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Byron Gomez and I am looking into opening a restaurant in Nashville. Im currently a resident of New York City looking to move to Nashville in hopes of bringing fine dinning feel to the exciting city of Nashville. This is my first inquiry and any help would be appreciated.


    Byron Gomez

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