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How To Make Moving Fun For Kids


Moving is a frantic and frenzied day, and it often is most difficult (not to mention confusing) for young children. There’s a lot to check off the list, including packing up beloved books, clothes, and toys. Then there’s the “new” factor – moving often means switching schools and sports programs, and leaving behind friends and beloved neighbors.

While moving can be a daunting adventure, it doesn’t have to be lacking in fun! We’ve put together a few ways to make the most out of your move – for you and your kids.

Minimize Their boxes

If possible, pack all of your children’s toys into one large box. This way they can keep track of where everything is going, and perhaps even have it ride along in the car with them. At a young age, children are often attached to their belongings. By keeping their items near to them, you can decrease any stress they might have about their toys becoming lost.


Box Art

Prior to moving, getting the kids involved can help make the process memorable and exciting. One great way to maximize fun is to allow your children to decorate a few of the boxes – perhaps the ones storing their clothes and books – so they can identify their belongings, and focus their energy elsewhere while you’re packing the rest of the house. Break out stickers, stamps, crayons, and colored pencils (or even paint if you have someone supervising the little ones) and allow them to showcase their creative talents while decorating the moving boxes!

Set Up Their New Room First

Once the move is complete, start with your child’s room before you set up any others in the house. Allow them to help you choose where to place the bed, dresser, and other furnishing. Then, once you have them set up, you can leave them to get re-acquainted with their belongings while you move on to the next room in the house. (You might even allow them to unpack their clothing or toys while you are doing this, so they have a direct task).

Another tip to consider is to pre-plan a few neighborhood outings to the local park, toy store, or museum for the day after you move (or even the evening of). Make discovering a new city part of the adventure!

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